Car diagnostics

Advanced and flexible diagnostic platform covering broad variety of cars. Intuitive application which allows You to quickly diagnose faults in your vehicle. We provide software and diagnostic equipment for OBD services.


Complete spectrum of repairs of electronic modules including PCM, ABS, IMMO, AIRBAG, dashboard and comfort controllers – programming, re-programming, setups, calibration, and initialization of new modules.

Repairs includes: diagnostics, damage assessment, repair cost estimation, replacement of faulty components, tests, memory data transfer and configuration of repaired module.

Tuning Motorsport

Provides car tuning services so you can get all out of your performance car. We’ll make your car faster acceleration, stronger torque and bring out its full performance potential. Tuning is based on reprograming of engine, powertrain and suspension ECU's.

In some cases we modify electrical harness in order to install custom electronic components. Motor Diagnose specializes in fault detection and repairs of automotive electric components and wiring.

In case of original equipment modifications (engine and components swaps, tuning) we offer design, build and custom electronics installation.